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Baby Sling

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The new-design Natures Sway baby sling for newborns and toddlers has many great features that are designed to make positioning your baby easier and safer. Our sling has pack clips for ease of use making the Natures Sway Sling a modern take on an age-old way of carrying your baby.


The sling is the best carrier for quick and easy fitting, short trips and getting in and out of the car (you can keep it on your car seat and take baby with you in the sling rather than the seat or pushchair). There are no extra straps, wrapping or fussing required – and it appeals to a lot of dads. The real genius is how comfortable they are to wear. The cross-shoulder strap means you are perfectly counterbalanced, resulting in a lesser load on your back.


Many parents describe the Natures Sway baby sling as one of the best baby products they ever invested in. These same parents will immediately recognise the extra benefits, seeing how we have created an easier to use product.

Why Choose a Natures Sway Sling?


Our easy sling features a single side-release pack clip with a gold safety loop located on the front for easy access. In just one click, your baby is secure and comfortable. It also means that there’s only one clip to undo to get your a sleeping baby out!

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Our shoulder pad is specially designed to your shoulder contour and distributes baby's weight evenly and comfortably. It's constructed from natural wool padding which wicks away moisture and keeps you cool. The side rails are also made with flat wool padding, giving your baby the same comforts and ensuring that the head and back are fully supported.

Our sling positioning aid is a special line of stitching in a contrasting colour  that shows you where to line baby’s head and spine. This line of stitching helps you achieve the ideal diagonal cradle position so baby lies comfortably with a straight spine and the chin off the chest.  Always have baby’s head on the side rail where you can see their face when using this position.

Our natural fabrics are 100% soft cotton canvas, or choose from the organics 55% hemp/45% organic cotton range.

The double adjusters on the back enable the user to tighten the side-rails separately from each other while you are wearing it.  You can tighten the top rail when using the Sling as a hip-seat, to support baby’s back and bring them in close to your centre of gravity – no more worries about back-arching. You can easily loosen the top rail for babies lying in the diagonal cradle position to ensure baby has good airflow.  Alternatively, tighten it to ensure baby’s weight is nice and high on your torso.

Great for breast feeding as you can adjust the side rails as needed when seated.

Safety Your child is cosseted so they can’t fall out, and close to you for constant monitoring. Click here for instructions on how to correctly put your baby into the sling or watch our YouTube Video >
Long lasting: Many parents report ease carrying weights of 12-15 kg (an average 2 year old); however there is no real age limit on using the sling.
The gender neutral sling is available in a variety of modern colours.

One size fits both partners!

Cotton Canvas:
Calico Sling Swatches

55% Hemp / 45% Organic Cotton:
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The diagonal cradle position Tighten the inside rail to wear baby at belly button height and leave the top rail loose so baby's head can recline.
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The hip seat position Wear baby high up on your hip and tighten the outside rail to support baby's back.

Say no more - I'm sold

“For millions of years new born babies have been held close to their mothers from the moment of birth. Being held and included on normal activities is the foundation for human well-being. Our positive identity is based on feeling right, good and welcome: as experienced by the infant in arms: their rightful place.”
The Continuum Concept by Jean Liedloff
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