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Pouch Pack

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The Natures Sway Pouch Pack is a soft-structure ergonomic baby carrier that provides unsurpassed comfort for you and your baby.

Created* and made in NZ with all organic fabrics and wool padding, the Pouch Pack offers the strength and durability of an industrial-type structured pack at half the weight, size, and price!.  Suitable for newborns through toddlers 2 - 3 years old. 

With our Pouch Pack you have the security of keeping baby close-by in a comfortable position. Baby is carried at your centre of gravity - about belly button height, which is the optimal place for load bearing. This means you can meet baby's primary needs and get things done -  less stress for every


Pouch pack - Glen-webWhy Choose A Natures Sway Pouch Pack?

Environmentally friendly: Made from 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton, a naturally U-V resistant and anti-bacterial


Best position for baby: The specially designed seat of the pouch means small babies are positioned with their knees higher than their hips (froggy position) – keeping the weight off their spine and hips

Comfortable: Wide shoulder pads distribute weight, with the unique all-natural wool shoulder padding ensuring comfort.  The weight is on your hips rather than the shoulders.

Newborns get plenty of support due to the ease with which you can vary the height of the back panel, and the double layer of fabrics. An opening zip allows you to adjust the height of the back to give baby more or less support as they need.

Ergonomic design: The carrier feel like another item of  clothing, allowing you to cosy up to baby unhindered. Now you can easily include them in daily activities and even go for long walks!

Zipped pocket on the waist band allows you to keep your keys and phone on hand.

Portable: Folds in to a small hip bag so is perfect for when toddlers want to walk for themselves for a while but need to be carried home.

Standard pack standardly fits size 8 to 16 (waist measure 77cm to 114cm). We are happy to make the waist and/or shoulder padding the right size for you, fabric availability permitting, just select your custom fit.

Gentle wash on wool cycle -purchase Shoulder strap protectors, to save on wear and tear as  baby is likely to mouth the fabric.

Note: While predominantly a front or back carrier, the Pouch Pack can be rearranged for use as a side-carrier.

*Originally named the Puku [pook-ew] Pouch, which is the Maori word for tummy, the design was purchased and improved by the Natures Sway team.


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