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Carry Wrap

Is it one size fits all?
The standard Carry Wrap is made to fit sizes 8 – 16 and is 5.15m long. The Carry Wrap is available in Natural or black organic knit, with or without a pattern of your choice on the front.

Will I get too hot in summer wearing it?
It’s much like wearing a t-shirt so it’s just a matter of keeping that in mind while dressing – perhaps leave a layer off if you know you’ll be wearing the Carry Wrap. Be careful not to overdress baby either, as they get extra heat from your body while being worn.

What age can you use the different positions?
From newborn to around 3 months baby should be exclusively on the front facing in. After 3 months or so they can be faced outwards for short periods of time, provided you are watchful for over stimulation. After 6 months of age you can tie the Carry Wrap into a hip-seat, as baby is getting heavier. Beyond 12 months the Carry Wrap could really only be used sparingly, as baby is becoming too heavy to be in stretch fabric for long. Wearing baby on the back in a stretch-fabric carrier is not recommended.

How long can you use the Carry Wrap?
As long as you and the passenger are happy!  Natasha wore the Carry Wrap solely until her son was 10 months. She then slowly phased in the Pouch Pack, and by 15 months she mostly used the Pouch Pack. She still wore him occasionally, for an hour or so, when he was 2 years old – it was more snuggly when he was teething!

Is the Carry Wrap hard to use?
Not nearly as much as you might expect! It requires practise, just like tying shoelaces, but it soon becomes habit. We have video instructions on our youtube channel: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUbKyi7KNEQ. The Carry Wrap is easier than other carriers in that baby can be taken in and out a few times before it needs to be retied.

Why can I use the Carry Wrap so much longer than a front pack?
The Carry Wrap spreads the weight evenly across your back, shoulders and hip, and does the same for baby so neither of you have any uncomfortable pressure spots. It’s like wearing a second skin. The ‘froggie’ position, the ideal carrying position for baby, means baby is not suspended on their tail bone for unnaturally long periods of time.

Can I breastfeed in the Carry Wrap?
Yes, although we advise you keep a close check on their breathing, and return them to an upright position where you can see their face once they have finished feeding.

I have a bad back/shoulder etc, can I use the Carry Wrap?
Yes. As the Carry Wrap distributes weight evenly over the whole torso even those with various ailments can use it. Carrying a child in the Carry Wrap is better for your body than carrying them in your arms. However, always trust your body and instincts and consult medical advice if you have any concerns. Ultimately you answer this question!

Washing instructions
The Carry Wrap can be frequently washed in the washing machine, as you would a T-shirt. It will fade over time as only non natural fabrics hold colour fast. It is best to not use pegs as this can stretch the Carry Wrap where it is held in place.

What about safety standards?
NZ doesn't have specific safety standards for carriers like the Carry Wrap. Natures Sway is a gold member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance group, an international organisation who are working towards establishing a set of standards for baby carriers. You can learn more at www.babycarrierindustryalliance.org/

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