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Pouch Pack

What age is the Pouch Pack suitable for?
The Pouch Pack can be used from newborn until 3 years - or as long as you are comfortable to use it. Young babies need to be placed differently in the Pouch Pack, with legs tucked in. As your baby grows their legs will naturally start popping out the side.

What is the difference between the Pouch Pack and a framed Pack?
A framed pack has the child sitting up high so most of the weight is up high too - on your shoulders. The Pouch Pack has most of the weight on your hips, where 85% of our carrying capacity is. This means you can carry heavier children in the Pouch Pack. Baby is also in the ‘froggie’ position, with knees tucked up above their hips, so the pressure is taken off their developing spine and hips. The Pouch Pack also folds down in to a hip-bag the size of a long brick, which makes it great for travelling. It has no metal parts, great for airport scanners, and takes up a lot less room.

Can the child breathe well when the sleeping hood is up?
Yes. There is still a good airflow between the shoulder straps and your body. Our fabrics are all open weave, natural and breathable.

Why is wool padding on the Pouch Pack so good?
Foam padding that is usually used for packs has many toxic chemicals in it. Our Pouch Pack uses 100% natural NZ wool. Your child gets quite up close and personal with the padding in the Pack, some children even chew it, so this is important. Wool also performs well with moisture distribution when you are hot or on a long walk.

Washing instructions
The Pouch Pack can be machine washed, however we recommend spot cleaning and washing infrequently to stop colours fading. The colours will eventually fade, as with all 100% cotton fabrics. As a precaution the Pouch Pack should not be soaked or dried in direct sunlight. Washing the Pouch Pack separately is generally a good idea.

What about safety standards?
NZ doesn't have specific safety standards for carriers but Natures Sway is a gold member of the Baby Carrier Industry Alliance group, an international organisation who are working towards establishing a set of standards for baby carriers. You can learn more at

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