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I am interested in buying one of your slings but would like to know more about the size. What is the minimum and maximum size the sling will adjust to?
With the sling fully extended the full circle is 165 cm and with the sling fully tightened the circle is 110 cm. Please note the best way to carry baby is to have it up quite high on your body which prevents back strain. Sizing the sling is demonstrated in our sling instructions >>.

It says on your instructions that you can experiment with the sling and have baby forward facing like a kangaroo. Is it possible to explain how? Is there a safe position for carrying baby on your back? 
For the kangaroo position, you lower the sling so baby will sit against your abdomen and place them in it with their back to you and their feet tucked up in front. This position only suits some babies which is why we recommend trying various positions as they grow. For a strong well balanced toddler, the sling could be slung around the back but really the sling side may not be tight enough to ensure security.

I bought one of your slings today for my 10 week old boy. Do you have any tips for getting him accustomed to it? He is a little ‘particular’ and didn’t take to it instantly.
Babies are an interesting breed, they come with personality already installed so I can’t guarantee the sling will suit him. He is however at a difficult age for positioning in the sling, he probably wants to be able to look out and be relatively upright, so if you were to try the diagonal cradle position make sure his head is above the side cushion and his body is more like 75 to 90 degrees in the body of the sling.
Alternatively you could let the sling out to a larger size so that baby will be against your abdomen (not up on your chest and above the hip) and sit him in it with his back to you like a little joey.
But if he’s really strong you could start using the hip sitting position, tighten the sling right up so that his weight will be above your hip and have the sling so it just supports his bottom and back, he will feel less constricted by the sling and you will get some benefit for distributing his weight so you can carry him more easily. This is demonstrated in our sling instructions >>.
Try him when he is happiest and if still no go, try next week or even next month because he will change (just when you think you know what he likes) and chances are you are going to need/want to carry him for many months or years to come - plus having that closeness can make both of you stronger and happier.

I would like to get a sling but am worried using it might set off my mastitis. I am prone to the condition and carrying baby close to my chest in anyway or putting any pressure around my milk ducts is enough to block them and give me a bout of mastitis. Could you please advise whether I can adjust the sling so that it will not put too much pressure on my problem area.
While I cannot guarantee it, we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days from purchase so you can certainly try a sling to see if it works for you. As the sling goes over one shoulder and is adjustable both front and back, it usually sits between the breasts with the baby's body holding it out from your own. The beauty of the sling is that you can wear it higher or lower on your front as you require. The sling is able to be extended to fit all sizes, so it is definately possible to loosen the sling out and avoid putting too much pressure on yourself.

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