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Carry Wrap


Our baby Carry Wrap is a single length of quality grade, organic knit fabric measuring 5.15 metres long and half a metre wide. It can be tied a number of different ways, but we teach just one simple method as it's all most wearers will need. You simply put the middle pockets on your tummy and cross the fabric over your back then front and tie the rest around you until it can be knotted on one hip.

This tie allows you to position baby upright, facing in or out, and diagonal lying down or breast feeding. With this wrap 
you can carry your baby in a traditional way but with the supreme comfort of modern knit fabric. You and baby will be entirely  free from pressure points and you can easily adapt to different positions for baby throughout the day, without even needing to retie the fabric!

The design of the carry wrap ensures that your baby is not expected to support its own weight before ready. It has a woven panel which provides extra support for baby's spine which means that unlike other all-knit wraps it will not sag in the centre. The knit body means maximum comfort and movement - as opposed to regular all-woven wraps.

With a little practice, this simple and time-honoured design will become one of your most valued baby carriers. Knit wraps work very well for small babies (from 2 to 10kgs) and are very forgiving for those new to the art of baby wearing or those suffering from back injuries.


"A stretchy carry wrap is a modern day must-have for Mums and Dads. I tell you, it's so comfortable, it made me want to have another baby!"  says founding director Kate Hornblow




  •  Fits all sizes

  •  Environmentally friendly fabric - 100% organic cotton knit

  • Combination of knit and woven fabric provides the best of both worlds - woven panel supports baby’s back and prevents ‘sagging’ while the knit is comfortable and accommodating.

  • Your baby is supported in the ‘froggy ’position, with knees above hips, which takes undue strain off their still developing spine and pelvis.

  • Excellent for high-need babies. Fussy or premature babies, who need extra contact for optimal development, will thrive.

  • Portable. The built-in storage pocket means you can store and transport the carrier as a bundle without trailing fabric. You can also put it on before going out – simply move your baby from car seat to Carry Wrap when you arrive.

  • Weight distributed evenly. The width of the fabric crossing your shoulders allocates weight evenly, while keeping baby close to your center of gravity – preventing back strain and allowing a longer wear.

  • Easy to use. Our instructions are easy to follow -  just practice a couple of times and you will be ready for baby. The way the knit fabric stretches allows baby to be put in and out up to three times without re-tying. The most popular configuration for the carry wrap is the ‘front facing in’. This is where your baby is nestled in to your torso with their face against your chest, but you can also face baby outwards or sideways or even lie them on the diagonal  – the possibilities are endless!  Click here for instructions

Please note: we do not recommend wearing baby on the back in a knit wrap - you really need the security of a specially woven wrap for this purpose. As you become familiar with using the wrap you may find other ways to tie it as it makes an excellent hip seat too. 

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