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PRANA+ multi purpose Non Toxic aromatherapy sanitiser

Prana+ is the only aromatherapy sanitiser that prevents the spread of harmful bacteria and cleans in a multitude of situations. For the babies room, home, car, gym, outdoors and travel, Prana+ is so much more! This totally safe, non toxic eco logical sanitiser not only disinfects and cleans, but it balances, calms and uplifts your mind and emotions through the power of aroma and pure essential oils. Put the sanity back into sanitization. Be safe and protect, sooth and clam your baby with the restorative properties of aromatherapy. Buy now

PRANA+ High quality essential oils – 99.99% effective against harmful bacteria

Prana+ is a synergy solution of pure high quality essential oils, which has been tested and proven to be 99.99% effective against bacteria. The formulated ratios of the essential oils, in an energised solution, is 100% safe to use directly on the skin, any where on the body. Trial and error and pain staking research have resulted in the production of a powerful product that prevents the spread of bacteria, while complementing, and even enhancing nature, and your environment through the lovely aromas. Read more about the science of essential oils

PRANA+ Natural cleaning products
Create a feeling of well being while cleaning! Use Prana+ for your entire household cleaning needs, for bathroom, basins, mirrors, kitchen surfaces, stainless steel polishing, windows, upholstery, car vinyl and anywhere outdoors as a personal first aid kit in a bottle! While you clean you are also sanitising and vice versa, providing absolute protection for you and the whole family and you feel good using Prana+.

PRANA+ Body and skin care
You will absolutely love Prana+ for the hydrating, soothing and nourishing effect that it has, anywhere on your skin and body, face, hands, as well as restoring balance during the use of personal hygiene. Essential oils can work in a myriad of ways on many levels at the same time, so you feel good with the aroma and your skin feels both rejuvenated and hydrated with Prana+ on itchiness dry irritated skin, stings, bites, burns, shaving rash, cuts, as well as after sun care, it does it!

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