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Happy Hammock Users

Our baby bed rocks!

Anna Claydon ~ January 19, 2016

Thanks so much! I just have to tell you (I'm sure many people have) how much I loved my Nature's Sway Hammock. Mira's my best friend from high school, and she's taking over the hammock that I bought for my daughter last year in Tasmania. We loved it so much that we brought it over to America when we visited my folks for the holidays last year, because we found that we truly could not live without it. I am just so glad and grateful that you're able to ship the wooden bar over (ours inevitably went missing). 

Thanks so much again, both for helping me out with this order and for making such a wonderful product.


Amber Kollbaum ~ January 12, 2016

"8 months and she is still in love with her hammock! Every nap & every night since home from hospital She knows how to bounce herself and self soothe like a champ thanks to your wonderful hammock (I had to put a pillow case over the mattress as it pulled her hair)."



Natasha Elizabeth ~ December 12, 2015

"Our beautiful little 5 month old Blake just loves his Natures Sway Hammock.

We first fell in love with these hammocks at the Auckland Baby Show when Blake was only around 5 weeks old.

He had been fed and wrapped then placed in the display model and was out like a light, we were very tempted to let him be the model for a little while, he looked so comfortable and peaceful and we did not wish to disturb him in all honesty.

It took us another 7 weeks before we were able to obtain our very own hammock and I can tell you now it has been a god send!

At first we had it in our bedroom and it was so lovely to be able to simply place a hand out and bounce him back to sleep when he roused.

I often slept with my hand tucked into the bottom of the hammock holding his little feet, I loved the fact that it allowed me this closeness without worrying that he was too close.

Now that he is rolling, we have moved to using this during the day/early evenings out in our lounge so that he can be supervised.

He settles quickly and easily, with minimal fussing. I love how it cradles him and when he hits the dreaded top of that sleep cycle and starts to stir, the gentle motion helps to lull him back to sleep, when previously in his bassinet a lot of the time he would end up coming completely out of his sleep!

This means I easily can get a good 2-3 hours worth of nap out of him during the day, provided there are not any issues such as pain etc going on that is, something that greatly benefits all of us.

This beautiful hammock has made our lives that little bit smoother.

As you can also see it makes a beautiful addition to our living room and what nicer way for a baby to experience the lights of his first Christmas tree than to be able to view them from his own comfortable little space?

All I can say is I wish I had purchased (or been gifted) this ready for him when he first came home.

I cannot rate this product highly enough and honestly believe you will not regret purchasing one, either for yourself or a loved one.

We hope to be able to continue using our hammock for some time to come.

Xxx Merry Christmas Nature's Sway, thank you for producing such a beautiful, functional and timeless product xxX"




Laura McDonald ~ December 10 , 2015

"Hi guys,

Thank you so so much for this amazing product!! Hadleigh absolutely loves his Natures Sway hammock and so do we.

Hadleigh was born 10 weeks early and has a few health issues which meant he had a naughty little trick of stopping breathing and turning blue. Thankfully surgery fixed this, however he still has complications which require him to be permanently attached to a feed pump, and often while sleeping an oxygen saturation monitor. After his rough start he really does sleep amazingly in his hammock and it's obvious he feels safe and secure, with his sleeps being far longer than when we place him in a normal cot or bassinet. The hammock secures all of his tubes and cords safely, and I can sleep soundly next to Hadleigh knowing he's connected to all he requires while still being super comfy.

We own two of these hammocks now, as we hope one day our little boy will grow too big for his first (especially with his added equipment!), and I've run into so many medical professionals and parents alike, who comment on how perfect the hammock is for our situation. We spend a lot of time in hospital and the hammock easily packs down and comes with us, allowing us to keep some sense of normality for our little dude.

We don't make many plans these days, and I'm very quick to tell mums to be not to make too many as you never know how things will end up or what kind of baby you might have. However, I AM very quick to suggest a Natures Sway hammock as a sleeping option, as I truly believe this is one of the loveliest things Hadleigh has in his world, and all parents should experience the gorgeous little cosy faces these babies have when asleep in this piece of magic."


Debbie K ~ December 19 - 26, 2015
“Thanks so much for the speedy delivery! I've only put my daughter in the hammock once as it arrived this morning, but so far - AMAZING! She was already over tired due to a visit from the Plunket nurse, but I popped her in the hammock & she had a little cry for about 2 mins then was asleep (this has been taking 30-40 mins in her cot with a lot of rocking/patting/shushing)! I walked in to check on her & she had wriggled one hand out of her swaddle which would usually be a sure thing for not sleeping, but she wasn't too bothered. I re-swaddled her in the hammock & she barely stirred (again unheard of). She has now been asleep for 1 hr following 1.5 weeks of only sleeping 30-40 mins anywhere other than her capsule. It's early days & maybe this won't end up being the answer to her cat napping ways - but I'm pretty confident it will be based on this reaction. Thank you so much!
One Week Later...
“She still has the odd cat napping day, but most days will have one 2.5-3 hr sleep in the hammock, then be quite happy with a couple of shorter naps. Even when she does cat nap, it's so much easier to try & resettle her with a bit of bouncing”. 



Stephanie Maree Hawkins ~ November 17, 2015
"I would like to recommend Natures Sway hammocks to all my friends family and anyone I don't even know, these hammocks are a life saver!! If you have a fussy baby or even just a baby who doesn't like taking day naps (lets face it we all have one of those at some stage) these are just amazing you can gently bounce them to sleep and they are safe, secure and all snuggled up, you can even have them in your bedroom or living room to be close to you at all times. My daughter is 7 months old and absolutely loves her hammock we have it in the living room she sleeps in it during the day. Thank you Natures Sway for providing an amazing product for my daughter (and NZ made too)."


British Brown. Seattle, Washington April 2013

"I rarely write testimonials but I am so appreciative of our hammock that I want other parents to learn about it. Our experience with the baby hammock has been super positive from day 1.  Our daughter, Quinn (now 6 months old) has slept soundly in her hammock from birth.  She starting sleeping through the night, _without waking_ for any feedings, at the early age of 5 weeks.  Yes, 10 sometimes 12 hours straight through the night!  Right now she is starting to transition to a crib but she still takes a 3-4 hour nap almost daily in her beloved "swing".

We'll never fully know the extent of all the benefits of her hammock but I believe it's been truly fundamental in her transition from my womb to our physical world.  Quinn is a fantastic sleeper and as her parents, we have been able to sleep because of this. I can see that she feels safe, cozy and comforted in her hammock.  It's shape and spring-loaded features make it a little slice of heaven!  There are times where we can tell she just wants her hammock, and within minutes she's calmer and soothing herself to sleep or playing with toys we dangle from the cross bar.

I think one of the the best features is that her bed goes everywhere with her!  It easily folds and rolls up and has made trips to the east coast, friends houses for dinner parties, and even Mexico for holiday.  The sight of her sleeping in just her diaper under a tree not far from the beach made me cry happy mother tears realizing just how happy it makes her.  Talk about an investment that will keep giving and giving. I can't thank you enough for this baby bed - it has made all the difference in our daughter's first months of life and we can't wait for baby #2 to experience it as well."

Karen Williams

"Our Nature's Sway hammock has been wonderful for Rainbow's daytime naps since we brought her home: the gentle motion of the hammock soothes her back to sleep if she stirs and the soft shape cocoons her snugly, just as if she was being held. Everyone comments how comfy it looks - all the adults want a giant version!" 



"We used Natures Sway Hammocks in lieu of a bassinet / cot for all three of our children up until they were around 12 months old, including for our ex 28 weeker twins once they were discharged from their three month stay in NICU / SCBU. We slept the twins in separate side-by-side hammocks.
By around a year old, we found our children were starting to try and roll over in the hammock, so we moved them to cots at that point for safety reasons - without any transition issues at all. The hammock can sleep a toddler though, depending on how active your child is in the hammock, so is very good value for money especially when you compare it to the brief useful life of a bassinet.

By three months old, each of our children were sleeping 12 hours a night 6pm - 6am, and we credit the hammock as a significant contributing factor in that. I loved the fact that I could reach over in the night and bounce a baby back to sleep - or bounce a baby off to sleep. The practice never seemed to be habit-forming - quite the opposite in fact, as we found that our children associated their hammock with providing comfort and reassurance. When they were older, they would gently bounce themselves off to sleep.

We also had three reflux babies and really appreciated that the hammock allowed our children to get a great night’s sleep with their heads slightly raised. We opted to use the mattress stiffener from the outset, as we found that without it, both the lateral and longitudinal curve was too marked for our liking.

We think that the Natures Sway Hammock is hugely underrated as a primary / overnight sleep environment for babies. The hammock is probably one of our best parenting purchases and as such, we recommend it to every new parent."



"Thanks for making such a great product, our bub loves it so much (& so do we!). We do a lot of traveling and the hammock comes everywhere with us!  I’m sure you get sent a million pictures of happy babies in your hammock but here’s another few to add to your collection - our baby Kestrel enjoying his nap time in a friend’s garden last week."









Ruth Chiam

"Baby Isaac in his Natures Sway baby hammock! He loves it!I got the hammock when he was 10 weeks and now he is 13 weeks  I've had 3 weeks of a happy well napped baby ;p"​


"21 weeks old and still enjoy having naps in the hammock!" 

Baby Chiam 2



"My cousin and I were saying over the weekend that It really is the number one hot tip in parenting. I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t buy one for their baby, Out of any baby stuff I have it gets by far the most use and is so handy, They are so good for parties and really good sick beds, The other week Bob was so sick but the good old hammock and a steamer made his recovery so easy and he was happy."




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