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 Jo Wainwright - January 17th, 2016

"Tested out the Natures Sway Pouch Pack and I'm sold.  It's so soft, no strain and easy breezy. I now prefer this over other brands of baby carrier that I've used.  It' such a great pack to wear - so comfortable that I didn't even feel like I was wearing Avery!"


"To the team at Nature Sway,

I am writing this to commend you on your products. I have a 17 month son who I wear just about daily in my pocket pouch and love it! It was custom made to fit perfectly which is great as I am petite and could not get any other carriers to fit correctly, other than the wrap which I used for the first 6 months.

I have moved to Scotland for a few months and since being here I have been stopped by other mums, dads, grandparents and many shop assistants every time I have been wearing my son to ask about the carrier and complimented on all features of it. Many people were amazed at how easy it is to put on, comfortable to wear, cosy for my toddler and totally safe for both myself and my son. I have also had lots of compliments on the gorgeous material too! What stood out to me the most was how surprised people were when they found out a company custom made baby carriers. It is almost unheard of hear asT companies are too big to do a personal carrier for an individual.

I am just writing this to say how truly grateful I am to have been able to have a pocket pouch carrier. It is perfect for myself and my toddler, it is my saving grace anytime my wee man needs a feed, cuddle or sleep when I have been out and about, on a plane and stuck in long cues!

Keep up the amazing work! You are making a big difference to a lot of families! Nature Sway baby wearing rocks!

Warm Regards
Megan McNeill"

"So happy with our new Natures Sway Pouch Packs! Great, friendly customer service and most of all, fantastic product! Mums and bubbas are comfortable and secure  thank you!" — with Dickie-Irene Aaron Go Alcantara.

April Isla Santanyana

"I usually cry after 5 minutes of daddy carrying me so he was getting disheartened. Yesterday mummy suggested that he tries carrying me in my Natures Sway Pouch Pack.  I was calm and happy for more than an hour, and I even fell asleep! My daddy was so happy!"

Anika Moa

"Recently my partner Angela and I went to Bali for our very first holiday with our 4 month old twins, some have called our move bolshy and brave but we set out from the start to take our babies everywhere with us and to let them see the world and experience our way of living which involves a whole lot of travel and hotels and gigs and shows.
   We chose to use the Natures Sway Pouch pack for our trip as we'd heard good things about it and we're keen to apply this to our lives. We love that the Pouch Pack looks so good, the colours and patterns are all so cool and very retro, it's very comfortable to wear and the boys could snuggle into us when we were walking with them which was nice, it gave us the freedom to carry our bags and keep close to them in body.
   The other good thing is our boys are getting big and heavy so it was nice to not feel that weight when walking, somehow the weight got distributed around so they felt as light as a feather!  Well almost!
  It's good to have something reliable and we know we'll be using their pouch packs for a few years yet at all the festivals, gigs, plane rides and shows they share with us around Aotearoa and the world!"

  AnikaMoaNaturesSwayPouchPackBali (1)

Necia Davis

"Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thanks for making such an awesome product! Our Pouch Pack is my lifesaver. William, our son, absolutely loves being in it and often it’s the only way I can get him to sleep. I especially love it when I go shopping because I have two hands, and I couldn't count the number of people who say 'wow what a great carrier'. I tell everyone I know who has a baby to get one!" 


  "My baby (4 month) went on my back for the first time the other day, I was cleaning my kitchen so needed to have room to move, he was so secure and comfortable that I continued cleaning into the bathroom, toilet and lounge and he fell asleep with a handful of my hair and a smile on his face, pity the camera had flat batteries!!" 

Rachael Dravitzki

  "From a farmer who was finding their child too heavy in a framepack: I really really love it and have used it almost every day. My son loves it; he's a very active, energetic boy who only keeps still when fast asleep. When I use the Pouch Pack, he completely relaxes and becomes placid! It's amazing, he just loves it. I really enjoy carrying him, because of the closeness and snuggles I get. Also, it is so comfortable, I barely feel his weight (almost 13kg). I've been recommending it to lots of mums and mum-to-be's I know." ~  

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