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Our baby sling converts easily from a cradle to a hip seat...

Mariana - January 16th, 2016

"We just loved using our Natures Sway sling, I used it till my daughter was about two and a half after I converted it to use in the hip carry position - was always great when out shopping and baby wanted to be carried instead of pushed in a shopping trolley."

Rachael Koppe

"I bought one of your slings when I had my first child over 3 years ago, he was a reflux / high maintenance little lad and I took him everywhere in the sling from near birth till he was physically too heavy for me to carry around in it anymore, it was a complete life saver. Then when son number 2 came along it has had plenty of use once more, far easier to chase the older one around knowing I have a secure grip of the other tucked into the sling. Perfect for the shops where I always have a hand free to hold the other’s hand. It’s also been great when we go walking off the beaten track, to the beach etc, places the pram can’t go. It’s also nice to have them tucked up close in a crowd where you know they can’t get lost.

I have found it so easy to use, right from baby stage and up, and I put it down to the person at the parent and child show (which is where I bought the sling) using a doll to demonstrate the correct way to use it, and giving me tips on how to put it on. And if/when baby number 3 comes along it will be one of the first items we add to baby’s room ready for action! Keep up the great products!"   

Wendy Paltridge - Mother - West Auckland Parent Centre 

"I love my Natures Sway sling!!! This product has revolutionised the way I transport my son and allows me to continue my pre-baby life. I love getting cuddled and cuddling my little guy all the way around the supermarket or mall and my son is so happy now, he has not thrashed around since I started using the sling months ago. I can go anywhere, between isles and pillars, up stairs or over rocks, wonder along the beach or a bush walk track. My sling fits easily in my bag or in the glove box and if my little guy wants to go for a crawl/walk while we are out, there's no bulky pushchair to worry about, just a piece of padded fabric that I can leave on my shoulder or tuck the end into my pants pocket. I no longer even know where the expensive and cumbersome push chair is nor do I really care, as long as I have my sling, we are both ready to go. Thank you for my freedom!!!"       



Caroline Brie - Midwife and Mum 
“I’ve found the Natures Sway sling invaluable with my two children, one who was quite a high need baby and the other who was a frequent feeder. I could carry my children and feed while I did other things.” 

Julie Gaudin  

"The sling was invaluable on the journey to the UK, I don't think I could have changed terminals at Heathrow without it. When Bob got overtired on the plane I walked around with him in the sling until he dropped off. We had a bassinette, but sometimes sleeping on mum is so much better, and at least I could play with the inflight computer games. Our pram was lost by the airline, so the sling got a lot more use than I was expecting. My only problem is that I never get the time to wash it. I may have to purchase one in another colour to give my black one an opportunity to be cleaned."

Melissa Woods 

"When our twins arrived 6 weeks early one of the hardest things was the coping with their crying and their reflux. When your baby cries all you want to do is pick them up, but when two newborns cry at once, it can be very stressful! Premature newborns are floppy and tiny and need to be handled very carefully. This is virtually impossible with twins as you only have one hand free.

The Natures Sway sling saved my life. It enabled me to tend to both babies needs simultaneously.  When our twins were younger I was able to carry one in my sling and one in my arms if they were unsettled. Now they are 13 months old the sling is great for transporting them around. I can carry one of the twins on each hip without using my hands. This is great for when you need to pop out. This is great for out somewhere that your double pram doesn't fit or for a quick walk over the sand dunes to check the surf.

The slings fold into such a small bundle you can take them anywhere, they are really easy to use, i can have the twins in a sling within seconds. This is much faster than traditional front packs. Our twins love sitting in the sling, it enables them to be close to us and view the surrounding scenery comfortably. The Natures Sway Sling has been a real life saver, i would definitely recommend them for any mother of a multiple birth"


Georgina Toms 

"I went to the Waikato Field Days with my Natures Sway Baby Sling and carried my three-month old baby around for most of an 8-hour day. Even though I have back problems I find the sling very comfortable and easy to use."

Jean Horn 

"As a midwife in Nelson, I was very impressed whilst watching in a cafe recently, to see a mother put her baby very quickly and efficiently into a sling.  Being a nosey midwife (!) I went across and asked her the make of the sling as it was so effective and efficient.  She told me it was one of your slings and this was her second child.  She went into great length to tell me how useful it was due to both her babies having reflux and the sling enabled her to carry the babies with ease, leaving her hands free."

Louise - (The Sleep Store)

"I've use the sling a fair bit and its pretty comfy - love the soft fabric. We were away last weekend and the sling got some great use."

Dr Sharyn Davies and Alfie 

"Just writing to say we love the sling - it was priceless catching boats all around Thailand and Burma! Thanks!!"

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