Steel Baby Hammock Stand

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Stable, portable and light weight, our baby hammock stands are the perfect compliment to your baby hammock and ensure that your baby can rest peacefully wherever you are.

Our steel stands are made in New Zealand from galvanised steel tubing and finished with high quality Dulux powdercoating.

  • Easy 1-2 person assembly
  • Height: 1.88 metre
  • Footprint: Approx. 1 metre square
  • Weight limit 25kg

What makes Nature’s Sway unique?

Natural materials.
Choosing natural materials with the correct properties, means we don’t have to use any potentially harmful synthetic materials or chemicals. For example, our mattresses are filled with 100% pure New Zealand wool, which is a natural heat insulator and resistant to dust mites, mould, bacteria and even fire.

New Zealand made quality.
Nature’s Sway products are handmade in Auckland using the highest quality materials New Zealand has to offer. Each hammock is carefully checked, to ensure the highest standards are always met.

Earth friendly.
We choose materials and processes that have the least impact on our precious Earth and reduce our contributions to air, water and land pollution.