What is a baby hammock?

Inspired by traditional South Asian 'cloth cradles', Nature’s Sway baby hammocks are an alternative to a moses basket or bassinet. Over 25 years, we have heard from countless parents who say that our baby hammocks have helped them get their newborn babies to sleep peacefully. Read customer testimonials here.

Suspended from a single suspension point with a specially designed spring, our baby hammocks are a beautiful and practical addition to many new parents homes and nurseries. Find inspiration here.

How does a baby hammock work?

Baby hammocks can help parents get their babies to sleep by providing a sleep environment that imitates the most secure place there is for a newborn baby - their mother’s arms.

Every parent knows that babies love being snuggled and rocked gently to sleep. The embrace of their parents' arms make them feel safe, and rhythmic movement like rocking, swaying or bouncing has a calming effect that is well known to help babies fall asleep peacefully.

Nature’s Sway baby hammocks can simulate that feeling of comfort. The natural contours of the hammock surround the baby, holding her and making her feel secure. When a gentle swaying or bouncing motion is added, the soothing and comforting effects can make even the fussiest baby drift off to sleep peacefully. And when the baby stirs, a gentle push from a parent or the baby's own movement sets the hammock back into motion and often lulls the baby back to sleep again.

The baby hammock is also easy to move around. With the installation of a couple of ceiling hooks you can keep your baby nearby you at all times (or a baby hammock stand and a door frame clamp if you are not able to install suitable ceiling hooks).


Why choose a Nature's Sway hammock?