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"I rarely write testimonials but I am so appreciative of our hammock that I want other parents to learn about it. Our experience with the baby hammock has been super positive from day 1.  Our daughter, Quinn (now 6 months old) has slept soundly in her hammock from birth"....More
British Brown


Pouch Pack 
We love that the pouch pack looks so good, the colours and patterns are all so cool and very retro, it's very comfortable to wear and the boys could snuggle...More
Anika Moa
"I love my Natures Sway sling!!! This product has revolutionised the way I transport my son and allows me to continue my pre-baby life...More
Wendy Partridge

All about our Baby Hammocks

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Why Use a Natures Sway Baby Hammock?

Baby Hammocks have been used for centuries to keep baby safe and nearby their caregivers. They are specially designed to keep baby on their back and the therapeutic benefits have been appreciated by many caregivers and parents the world over. With the Natures Sway baby hammock cradle bed, you will have the confidence to know your baby is sleeping peacefully surrounded by only natural fibres. By using natural wool stuffing, we have removed the need to waterproof the mattress with plastic so you know baby
will not be exposed to any fumes, toxins or bacteria’s’ (see our dri-cot wool mattress protector for extra protection.) The high sides of the hammock prevent rolling and the gentle curve makes back sleeping the only option for baby. Constructed and assembled by our caring team in Auckland NZ you can be assured we use only high-quality components rigorously checked at every stage, knowing we have the safety and comfort of every precious baby in mind.

In New Zealand's original baby hammock bed your baby sleeps on their back for day and night sleeps with good airflow and heat regulation.  The suspension is moderated by a specially designed steel spring which provides the type of movement babies are used to in-utero and by being carried. 
The superior comfort provided by the Natures Sway baby hammock’s low-profile mattress and gentle slope minimises pressure on your baby’s developing spine and nerve pathways. The fabric base of the baby bassinet ensures even support along the spine and can thus avoid an uneven weight concentration on baby’s head, shoulders or pelvis, which can develop into structural problems such as plagiocephaly (flat-head syndrome) in some cases. Personal reports indicate the cradle is ideal for babies requiring time in a brace or cast for hip dysplasia. The slightly raised position of the head and chest is helpful to prevent or ease reflux.

 The natural New Zealand wool mattress draws moisture away from the body providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Our mattress has sufficient length to ensure that there is a padding to protect your baby’s delicate fontanelle, while the combination of baby’s weight and the curves of the baby hammock make it extremely difficult for your baby to roll over once they are placed on their back.
Once baby is established in the hammock and at least 4kgs in weight there is the option to firm up the base a little and give baby a bit more side to side room with the cocofibre mattress stiffener. Note: Traditionally hammock beds are not designed to have a hard base – we do not endorse the use of any base firming product not developed or recommended by Natures Sway.
Natures Sway Baby Hammocks have always used only high grade stainless steel attachments which have been strength tested and rigorously checked. Stainless steel parts will not wear, stain or flake and the metal-wire spring, which has a safety strap sewn within it, will ensure the hammock will hold your baby securely from where-ever you choose to safely suspend it. Breaking weights are over 200kg!
The swivel snap-hook attached to the spring will ensure that any twisting tension is naturally absorbed while our wooden spreader bar, held in place by cotton ties, keeps the fabric apart. Correct placement maximises the triangular proportions of the baby hammock and ensures adequate airflow.
Make sure the hammock is set up correctly and you can have 100% peace of mind. The baby hammock supports babies from new-born up to 15 kg (33 lbs). See our extra-long accessories for longer term use or contact us direct to inquire about the Junior hammock. 
The standard Natures Sway Baby Hammock pack contains everything you need to get started! 
in superior unbleached 100% cotton drill or a synergistic blend of 55% hemp and 45% certified organic cotton which is naturally anti-fungal and UV resistant. Each pack contains one fitted cotton sheet but you may wish to consider purchasing additional baby bedding.  Read our blog about organics...
The most asked question is how long can my baby use the baby hammock? The answer is it varies from 4 months to 24 months. Mostly it's not based on their size rather it is how active they are. Once baby is trying to roll over, sit up or wriggle about the hammock is no longer suitable. This may begin around the 4-6 month mark. If you have a placid baby who is still happily sleeping on their back in the baby hammock it could last for many more months. Most parents report their baby easily transitioned to a larger bed sometime around 6-8 months, they seem to want more space and they out-grow the need for motion.

The key consideration when looking at purchasing a baby hammock should not be how long baby might like to use the hammock for but how to give baby the best start in life. After all, we don’t expect to use a bassinet, cradle or moses basket for more than 3 months. However, we do know how important sleep is and that it is one of the most important activities your baby will do in the 4th trimester. This is the magic of the hammock -there is no question of comfort, expecting a new born infant to go from sleeping in embryotic fluid curled up in the womb to sleeping on a flat firm waterproof surface would be like expecting yourself to move from your inner sprung or luxurious natural latex mattress to the floor – you might not sleep so well? After hearing the many reports from parents who’s lives changed when they got the baby hammock after spending hours trying to get baby to sleep anywhere other than in their arms, or who struggled with a crying colicky baby, we say why wait until you have a problem? Sleep deprivation is not good for anybody and the first 3-4 months of baby’s life is vital for bonding, if it’s easy to get to baby to sleep and a regular sleep pattern is simply established early on it’s better for everyone.Read more

All of our Baby Hammocks are backed by the 14 day money back trial!

100% natural products Made in New Zealand with love and care x buy-nz-made-logo-main-web-596




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