Baby hammock safety study shows safe oxygen levels

Peaceful sleep, backed by science.

Parents want the best for their newborns and Nature’s Sway baby hammocks are just that. We have been making the hammock since 1993, and in those 25+ years, we’ve had countless satisfied customers. Now, we also have some scientific research to back up why Nature’s Sway baby hammocks are safe, and the perfect choice for your newborn.

While we always maintained that the natural curves of our hammock are beneficial, the Medical School study originally hypothesised that the curves – both lengthways and sideways – could result in reduced oxygen levels for the baby.

But that wasn’t the case.

“Contrary to our hypothesis that sleeping in the hammock might lead to flexion of the head on to the chest, we found that the prominent occipital protuberance of the infants’ heads was accommodated in the type of hammock that we studied. The hammock contained a relatively soft wool-fibre mattress supported by the fabric of the hammock and the relative weight of the infant head compared with their body resulted in curvature of the infant body but relative preservation of neck extension (Fig. 2). Consistent with this observation, there were no differences in obstructive apnoea or oxygenation in infants who slept in the hammock compared with the bassinet, suggesting that the hammock did not compromise the upper airway.”

In the future, we hope that more research will be done to address any other safety concerns or demonstrate some more of the potential benefits of the hammock. Such as, the way the soft wool mattress is supported by the fabric, which results in less pressure points and appears to reduce the chance of plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), or whether the curve that helps to keep baby safely on their back might be beneficial for the natural curve of an infant’s back (kyphosis). Or the raised position of the head also appears to be helpful for digestion, meaning the discomfort associated with symptoms of reflux and colic is reduced.

The results of this research should bring peace of mind to parents and child care
practitioners who want the science to support their use and recommendation of the
Nature’s Sway baby hammock.

* Chiu K, Tonkin SL, Gunn AJ, McIntosh C. 2014. Are baby hammocks safe for sleeping babies? A randomised controlled trial. Acta Paediatr. 103(7):783-7

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