Are baby hammocks safe? - A safety study

Are baby hammocks safe? - A safety study

It's always exciting when new research provides insights into how we can better care for our little ones. A recent study* published in the journal; Archives of Disease in Childhood examined the safety of baby hammocks for sleep, and the results are very encouraging!

The study, conducted by researchers from New Zealand and Australia, involved a randomised controlled trial of 64 infants up to 42 weeks in age. Half of the infants were placed to sleep in a traditional cot, while the other half were placed in a hammock specifically designed for infants. (A Nature's Sway Baby Hammock actually!)

After monitoring the infants for a week, the researchers found that there were no significant differences in terms of safety or sleep quality between the two groups. Both the hammock and the cot were found to be safe for sleep, with no adverse events reported in either group. Contrary to the hypothesis of the researchers, they found that even when compared to a traditional cot, a Nature's Sway baby hammock "does not compromise a baby's breathing or oxygen supply."

This is great news for parents who are looking for alternative sleep options for their babies. Baby hammocks have become increasingly popular in recent years, and this study provides evidence that they can be a safe and viable option for sleep.

Of course, as with any sleep environment, it's important to take proper safety precautions when using a baby hammock. Parents should always follow the all safety instructions for use, and should never leave their baby unattended while in the hammock.

Overall, this study provides important reassurance for parents who are considering a baby hammock for sleep. It's always good to have more options when it comes to caring for our little ones, and it's great to see some confirming what we at Nature's Sway already know - that baby hammocks can be a safe and effective choice.

 * Chiu K, Tonkin SL, Gunn AJ, McIntosh C. 2014. Are baby hammocks safe for sleeping babies? A randomised controlled trial. Acta Paediatr. 103(7):783-7

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