For all of our Nature's Sway Baby Hammock and Stand instructions, please email us at hello@naturessway.co.nz 

What if my baby wants to sleep in the hammock long-term?
Our new-design hammock comes with an 87cm long natural wool mattress, same as it's always been. Our new hammock is longer than our original design, meaning that if your baby is happy to continue sleeping in the hammock long-term (more than 8-10 months) you can contact us and purchase a one-metre long mattress (our mattress stiffener also comes in one-metre lengths).Generally a second spring is also required, so contacting us is very important.

I noticed that in the instruction manual it says that once a baby is able to sit or pull themselves up they shouldn't be put in the hammock anymore. Most babies are sitting by 6-8 months, but I thought the hammock could still be used, closer to the ground, until 15kgs. 
This is the general guideline for hammock use. When deciding how long your baby can sleep in a Hammock you have to consider how active they are whilst in it - if your baby is wriggling and trying to turn over at all then they, unfortunately, need to have a new bed found for them. Every baby reaches this point at a different age. For example, I had a placid baby (who could sit up on the floor at 3 months old) who safely slept in her Hammock for 20 months. In comparison, her younger brother found a way to wriggle out at 7 months.

What sheets/blankets should be used in the hammock, and how do I protect the mattress?
Each baby hammock comes with a fitted sheet (the deluxe set with two fitted sheets) which covers the mattress like a pillow slip. Our hammocks are either 100% Cotton Calico or the 45% Organic Cotton / 55% Hemp blended fabric, so if you purchase a calico hammock you will receive a flannelette cotton fitted sheet, and likewise an organic knit fitted sheet if you purchase an organic hammock. We also have a range of soft 100% summer cotton sheets available & top sheets can be purchased separately in each of the fabrics. We have a NZ wool mattress protector designed specifically for the hammock mattress available in accessories which has natural lanolin for moisture protection.

How big is the Natures Sway mattress?
Our natural wool mattress is 87cm long and 32cm wide and is available with a cotton, viscose or organic cotton / hemp blended cover.
We also have a 100cm mattress available for use as baby gets longer.

I have one of your baby hammocks for my 2 month old, which we use as his only bed for day or night. Is he okay to be sleeping on his back all the time?
Your baby is quite safe sleeping in the hammock full time; usually a child can use the hammock until they become too wriggly or start trying to turn over or sit up. The curve is very gentle and actually ensures even weight distribution along the spine, as well as protecting from Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome).

I bought one of your hammocks recently and am concerned that my baby appears to be lying on a slope with her head downhill.
Occasionally there is a time when babies heads are proportionately heavier than their bodies and in a hammock this can result in the baby seeming to lie downhill. This can be easily remedied with a strategic placement of a small weight underneath the mattress at the foot end of the hammock.

In Australia there's been concern over babies getting bowed backs from being in baby capsules and recommendations not to have them sleeping flat for too long. Have you any recommendations for sleeping babies for long periods?
From what we know, the concerns with sleeping babies on flat beds is the potential development of Flat Head Syndrome, while the concern over bowed backs is as a result of parents using car seats as sleeping places.  In the hammock the baby is on such a gentle curve that neither of these are a concern; your baby is sleeping in a gentle, safe curve so is neither too flat nor too bowed.  We also recommend baby gets plenty of floor time for moving about - especially tummy time.

We are considering getting a hammock for use when our baby is born but I’m not sure exactly how they would be used as a bed for night-time as well as day sleeps.
The hammock is great for night sleeping, in fact I've had many customers report that baby will sleep longer and even go back to sleep if they startle awake just by the gentle bouncing their movement creates. It is great to have the hammock close to your bed at night and in the living area for day sleeps, and we recommend you always keep baby nearby. Newborns are completely safe as they cannot roll about - it is the older babies who may be learning to roll for whom a lower hammock position might be safer.

On average your baby will use the hammock for about 6 months and then you will need to assess their suitability, some babies will wriggle or roll about enough that the Hammock is no longer suitable for them and many others will stay happily on their backs for longer. The key concern of SIDS is keeping baby on their backs, which makes a baby hammock a most desirable bed and additionally it reduces the possibility of flat head syndrome.  In the instructions which come with every hammock, is a 12 point safety check list which complies with UK bassinet safety standards.