Frequently asked questions

What is the age range for the hammock?
There is no specific age range for a baby hammock because every baby is so different. The baby hammock is recommended for newborns, but as your baby grows, they will begin to wriggle more and more, and eventually roll themselves over, sit up etc. This is when you have to pay close attention, and as soon as the child starts to be able to sit up, roll over or pull themselves up, then the baby hammock can no longer be used safely as there is a risk of suffocation if the baby manages to roll over. On average this happens at around 6 months of age.


Can I wash my Baby Hammock, Mattress or Toddler Pillow?
Yes please see all washing instructions here

What can I do if my baby is sinking down too far into the hammock?
The baby hammock is designed to provide a gentle curve for your new born baby, and the weight of the child pulls the hammock snugly around them. However, as the child gets older and heavier, they may require a mattress stiffener underneath the mattress to make the hammock base firmer and more open. These are recommended for babies 4kg and over and are sold separately.


What can I do if my baby's head is lower than their feet?
Try repositioning the baby, so that their head is further up or down the curve of the hammock. Always ensure that the baby’s chin is not pressed up against their chest.


Are baby hammocks safe?
Yes, when assembled and used correctly Nature’s Sway baby hammocks are a safe sleeping option for babies. Nature’s Sway has been making hammocks for 25 years and we have never had a report of a baby being harmed when using one of our hammocks correctly. Read more here.

I have been given or purchased a pre-loved hammock, how do I check that I have all the pieces I need?
We absolutely LOVE hearing stories of our baby hammocks being passed around through family and friends, used by many parents and many babies! We have more information on what to do when you receive your pre-loved Baby Hammock here.

Can I rent a Baby Hammock?
Yes we have hammocks, stands and other accessories available for hire, find out more here.
What are the shipping timeframes?
Please see our shipping information here