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every parent knows...

that babies love to be held close and rocked gently to sleep.

baby hammocks simulate that feeling

of comfort and security and have helped thousands of parents get their babies to sleep peacefully.

"absolute bliss since the day our hammock arrived and it's one of our most prized baby possessions."

Miriam Minnear

"perfect for babies who don't like to be put down."

Olivia Haig

"I couldn't have survived without the hammock. Truly amazing."

Anna Bryant

"it has saved my sanity and given my baby a safe and peaceful sleep."

Caitlin Clark

"She giggles when she gets in!"

Janey Applecrumble

hand made in new zealand

Our products are lovingly made in our small factory in Auckland by a dedicated team who carefully inspect every piece to ensure we maintain the highest quality products.

all natural materials

We use wool, cotton and coconut fibre in favour of potentially harmful synthetics.

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the original and authentic

Although you may see many blatant copies and counterfeits of our designs available, Nature's Sway baby hammocks are a superior product - a New Zealand premium. Founded over 25 years ago in 1993, Nature's Sway are the original and authentic.

marine-grade stainless steel hardware

We use marine-grade stainless steel for our metal parts so the dangers of using cheaper metal are avoided.

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Certified Organic

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If you have any questions about our hammocks please don't hesitate to contact us and we'll do our best to help you. Here are some questions that we have been asked before.

Frequently asked questions