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Designed to support your baby naturally.

The original New Zealand made baby hammocks and carriers since 1993.




Strength tested quality




Special blend of
natural fibres




Designed for baby's
natural posture

It’s vital for babies to feel connected with their
physical and emotional roots to develop the security
that will sustain them throughout their lives.
Our products at Natures Sway are designed
​specifically to contribute to this process

​Kate Hornblow, Natures Sway Founder & Director
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Baby Hammock

A traditional fabric bed attached to a safe, gently bouncing spring.

  • Designed to encourage easy sleep with a gentle bouncing motion and curved line that will minimise pressure on your baby's developing spine.

  • Our breathable, natural wool mattress provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer.

  • Babies sleep for longer as a result of the comfort provided by the hammock's cocoon-like environment and c-curve.

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Baby Sling

Our one click and you're in sling

  • Easily adjustable for use from the diagonal cradle position for new-born babies through to the hip-seat position for infants up to 3 yrs.

  • The cross-shoulder strap means baby's weight is perfectly counterbalanced.

  • The high tech clips and wide contoured shoulder pad make this a modern day take on an age old way of carrying your baby.

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Pouch Pack

A supreme soft-structured carrier which can be worn front or back.

  • Constructed from our Organics 55% hemp, 45% cotton fabric - this is an exceptionally hardy baby carrier.

  • Features all-wool padding with extra wide shoulder straps and waist band, contoured for improved performance and weight distribution.

  • The ergonomic design keeps baby close to your center of gravity in the "froggy squat" position so you can carry even a large toddler safely for long periods of time!

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Carry Wrap

The softest, most comfortable carrier of all!

  • This wrap is ideal for new born and premature babies - it keeps baby close and in the upright position, fully supported with no pressure points.

  • Made from 100% organic cotton knit, it features two pockets - one for your wallet or keys and one for built in storage!
  • Great for discreet breast feeding and once on you can put baby in and out up to 3 times.
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Prana Plus 200ml-7

Prana+ for your baby care

The One ECO multiple purposes solution

  • No synthetics, Prana+ is a blend of pure essential oils in a diluted synergy solution

  • Great for safely sanitising babies hands and disinfecting babies room, toys,car seat, and changing table
  • Prana+ is an all in one 100% natural non toxic home, body and health care product
  • Great for minor skin rashes, bites, stings and helps to prevent the
    spread of harmful bacteria.
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All of our fabric and textile components are carefully selected for strength, quality, comfort and purity. We aim to create an allergy free environment for your infant.

n 1 100% cotton unbleached natural drill fabric is made specially for our hammocks. It offers superior comfort and strength and is pre-washed and ready to use.
n 1 Our specially designed Organics. fabric is a synergistic blend of 55% hemp, 45% certified organic cotton. 
n 3 Hemp is a naturally antifungal and UV resistant fibre that renews itself with every wash.
n 3
Our cotton knit products and accessories are made from certified organic cotton, knitted here in New Zealand.
n 5
We use wool products for all our padding. Our breathable, natural wool mattress provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer. Naturally fire resistant, wool keeps baby comfortable and dry in a safe and chemical free environment.


The boys could snuggle into us when we were walking with them which was nice, it gave us the freedom to carry our bags and keep close to them in body.
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She starting sleeping through the night, without waking for any feedings, at the early age of 5 weeks. Yes, 10 sometimes 12 hours straight through the night!
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I can see that she feels safe, cozy and comforted in her hammock. It’s shape and spring-loaded features make it a little slice of heaven! 
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I miss the sleep I get with
the hammock! So thank you so much! It has definitely been my best baby purchase this time around.
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Natures Sway T.I.C.K.S. 

Rules for Safe Babywearing

Always keep your baby close and safe when you’re wearing a sling or carrier.

  • Tight – comfortably close with no slack or loose fabric 
  • In view at all times – your baby’s face should be upwards if in the cradle position (Sling) or to the side if on your chest (Pouch Pack & Carry Wrap).
  • Close enough to kiss – you should be able to easily kiss your baby on the head or forehead.
  • Keep chin off the chest - with a space of at least a finger width under your baby’s chin.
  • Support the natural curve in your baby’s back - Check that baby is not slumped and that their bottom is in the deepest part of the carrier.

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