Every parent knows that babies love to be snuggled and rocked gently to sleep. Nature’s Sway baby hammocks simulate that feeling of comfort to help babies sleep peacefully.

Here's why

babies love hammocks

soothed by the sway...

From the time they are in the womb, babies are used to the gentle swaying motion of their mother's movements. This soothing motion can help calm and relax them, making it easier for them to fall and stay asleep. After birth, this need for motion doesn't go away, and many babies will continue to be soothed to sleep by the gentle rocking, swaying or bouncing of a Nature's Sway baby hammock.

a safe, snug embrace...

Babies are born with an innate need for close physical contact, surrounded by warmth and protection. The natural contours of a Nature's Sway baby hammock cradle a baby, helping them to feel secure and at peace. This can help reduce stress and promote restful sleep.

highest quality natural materials...

At Nature’s Sway we use natural materials in favour of synthetics. Choosing natural materials with the right properties, means we don’t have to use any potentially harmful synthetic materials or chemicals. For example, our mattresses are filled with 100% pure New Zealand wool, which is a natural heat insulator and resistant to dust mites, mould, bacteria and even fire. Read more about our materials here

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Toddlers require a lower profile pillow to support a healthy head position and reduce any safety risks associated with adult sized pillows.

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