Checklist for using a pre-loved or hand-me-down baby hammock

We absolutely LOVE hearing stories of our baby hammocks being passed around through family and friends, used by many parents and many babies!

We take a lot of care when choosing our fabrics and materials knowing that each hammock will most likely be used for many years. We take pride in the quality and when we hear of a hammocks being passed around or over 10-15years we know that we have succeeded in creating a high quality product. 

If you have been gifted one of our hammocks or purchased it second hand, there are few things we recommend doing;

  • User Manual - Download our latest user manual here, read through our list of safety instructions and check all parts of your hammock are there.
  • Hammock Body - Wash your hammock body, our hammocks are designed to be washed in your washing machine. Once washed, iron while still damp to get all the creases out.
  • D-Shackle - Over the years the design of our hammocks has been updated. Our newer hammocks have a stainless steel D-Shackle securing the top centre ring, and our older hammocks have cotton ties, check that your hammock has either of these options, if not then you will need to purchase a Stainless Steel D-Shackle.

  • Mattress - We recommend that a new mattress is used for each new baby.
    For this you will need to work out which size mattress you need.
    Our current design has a fabric flap at the foot end that domes up on both sides of the hammock like in this picture. If you have this hammock, you will need our Baby Hammock Mattress (90cm long Mattress)
    • If your hammock does not have this fabric flap on the foot end, and instead has domes that connect the to sides of the hammock together at the foot end, you have one of our pre 2007 hammocks, which needs a shorter, 85cm Mattress. Please note this will be the same for a stiffener, if you would like to use a stiffener with this older style hammock, you would need a 85cm stiffener.
  • Spring - Our springs were specially designed for our hammocks and made here in New Zealand. They are very high quality, but like all things they have a life. We recommend replacing your spring every 2 years.

Here is a list of the items you may need;

User Manual / Safety Checklist - DOWNLOAD NOW

Stainless Steel D-Shackle - SHOP NOW

Baby Hammock Wool Mattress 90cm - SHOP NOW

Cotton Fitted Sheets - SHOP NOW

Other Accessories

We also have some other accessories that may make your hammock experience a little better. From portable stands to mattress protectors and silk mosquito nets.

Accessories - SHOP NOW