About us

A smooth transition from womb to world.
It is vital for babies to feel connected to their physical and emotional roots, to help develop and sustain themselves throughout their lives. The transition from a mother’s womb to the real world is the first big step, and Natures Sway products, are designed to make that process as harmonious and loving as possible.

A New Zealand Premium.
At Nature's Sway we take the best natural materials New Zealand has to offer, and create products that are loved worldwide, but especially here in New Zealand and in Scandinavia, where outstanding design and quality, sustainable materials are highly prized.

25 years.
Nature’s Sway was created in 1993 by an innovative young kiwi mum - Kate, who wanted an alternative to a common baby bed to use for her baby's naps. Inspired by traditional cultures around the world, she made herself a hammock with a single suspension point, which she could hang in different areas around her home, or take to the beach or to work. A friend of hers saw the hammock one day and asked if she could make one for her baby, and so Nature’s Sway was born.

We care for our people and our place.
Sustainably sourced natural materials, assembled with strict standards, ensure quality products with a reduced impact on our precious Earth.