About us

"The Nature’s Sway story started in 1993, just after I had my first child - Madi. I was having a hard time getting her to sleep, so I decided to try and make something to help us both. Inspired by traditional 'cloth cradles' that I saw on my travels to South East Asia, I designed and made a hammock that Madi just loved and slept peacefully in for hours. The hammock’s natural contours surrounded and embraced her, making her feel safe and secure and the gentle swaying motion helped get her to sleep, and even stay asleep longer. It was a bit of lifesaver. A friend of mine who had a baby not long after I did, saw my hammock and how well Madi slept in it and asked if I could make one for her baby - and so Nature’s Sway was born."

Kate - Founder of Nature's Sway

Since then we have continued to operate as a small family business, based in the Mahurangi region, and we are proud to still be making our hammocks and other products right here in beautiful Aotearoa.

At Nature's Sway we are committed to making the highest quality products possible so we choose the highest quality materials available. And then each hammock is handmade, and carefully inspected, to ensure the highest standards are always met.

We also care for our people and our place.

We choose materials and processes that have the least impact on our precious Earth. Reduced-plastic packaging, sustainable sourcing, offcut recycling and highly dedicated staff are some of the ways that we try to reduce our contributions to air, water and land pollution.