'Made in New Zealand' and why that matters

'Made in New Zealand' and why that matters

Our Nature's Sway Baby Hammocks are renowned for helping tired parents get their babies to sleep, but they are also known for their superior quality and longevity. We know our hammocks stand the test of time when we hear from our customers who have been using theirs for over 10 years! And we just love hearing stories about hammocks being passed on from one family to another.

We put that down to the care and quality that comes with being made in New Zealand. Although manufacturing our baby hammocks in New Zealand for nearly 30 years has not been an easy journey - we are not planning to stop anytime soon.

Here are just a few of the reasons why we believe in creating products that are made right here in New Zealand:

Quality Control

When our products are made in New Zealand, we have complete control over the production process. This means that we can ensure that each and every product is made to the highest standards of quality and safety. We take great care in sourcing the best materials and work with skilled craftspeople to create products that we are proud to stand behind.


At Nature's Sway, we are committed to being as sustainable as possible. By keeping our production in New Zealand, we are able to reduce our carbon footprint by working with local suppliers to source natural and sustainable materials, and create products that will last a long time.

Supporting Local Communities

By keeping our production in New Zealand, we are able to support local communities and businesses. We work with a network of skilled craftspeople, suppliers, and manufacturers who are dedicated to producing high-quality products. By supporting these local businesses, we are able to contribute to the local economy and keep valuable skills and knowledge in our communities.


When our products are made in New Zealand, we are able to have full transparency over the production process. We know exactly who is making our products and where the materials are coming from. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest level of transparency and assurance that our products are made ethically and sustainably.

In conclusion, at Nature's Sway, we are proud to keep our products New Zealand made. We believe that by doing so, we are able to create high-quality, sustainable, and transparent products that you can trust. We are committed to supporting local communities and businesses and reducing our environmental impact. So when you purchase a Nature's Sway product, you can rest assured that you are supporting a company that is dedicated to creating the best possible products for your little one and the planet.

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