Why choose a baby hammock?

Why choose a baby hammock?

As a parent, you know it can sometimes be a struggle to get your baby to sleep. Cuddling, rocking and swaying are some of the natural ways we soothe babies to sleep and a baby hammock can mimic those sensations for the baby. These simple, yet effective sleep aids have been used for centuries and for good reason - they work. We've seen our Nature's Sway baby hammocks soothe even the fussiest babies to sleep.

Baby hammocks mimic the most secure place there is for a newborn baby - their mother’s arms. This is why they are so effective in getting babies to sleep. The natural contours of the hammock surround your baby in a snug embrace (almost like a hug), creating a sense of security and comfort. This sense of comfort can help your baby feel calm and relaxed, making it easier for them to fall asleep and more importantly - stay asleep for longer.

Additionally, the gentle rocking and bouncing motion of the hammock helps to calm your baby and soothe them to sleep. The motion also helps to stimulate your baby's vestibular system, which is responsible for their sense of balance and spatial orientation. This stimulation can help your baby feel more relaxed and calm, making it easier for even the fussiest baby to drift off to sleep peacefully.

One of the biggest benefits of baby hammocks is that they can be hung anywhere, including your baby's room, play area, or even your bedroom. This makes it easy to use a baby hammock as a sleep aid, regardless of where you are. Plus, baby hammocks are portable, so you can take them with you when you're on the go.

Also, Nature’s Sway baby hammocks are an eco-friendly and sustainable option for parents. Unlike a lot of other options, Nature's Sway baby hammocks are made from natural materials like cotton, wool, hemp, coconut fibre, beechwood and beeswax and they can and often are reused for multiple children. Plus, they are easy to clean and maintain, making them a practical option for parents and caregivers.

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