Baby Hammock Door Frame Clamp

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Hang your Nature's Sway Hammock from a sturdy door frame to keep your baby nearby you, anywhere in your house.

Our door clamps are a great mobile or temporary option, and can sometimes be the best solution when traveling.

When visiting friends and family you can take your baby’s familiar bed for their routine sleep without needing to transport the stand. The Nature's Sway door clamp is designed to clamp onto the framing of most standard doorways up to 15cm wide and is spring loaded to grip tighter the more weight you apply.

It has clear non-toxic tubing on the top clamps to protect paintwork and provide a non-slip hold, and a stainless steel quick-link for secure and easy hammock attachment.

New Zealand made and assembled, and suitable for up to a 15 kg (33lb).

For installation and important safety instructions please download our full Baby Hammock instruction booklet here