We love hearing from our customers! Here are some of the wonderful messages we have received from very happy mums, dads and carers over the years.

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our Natures Sway Hammock has been! Our baby daughter is now 4 months old, and has been sleeping through (at least 7 hours) without waking since we started using it at 3 weeks old. This is just amazing! Our first daughter never really slept so that is why we tried a hammock this time around – have now recommended it to everyone I know! We have now just moved overseas, and haven’t been able to use it for the last 2 weeks – it has quickly become a priority to get it set up again! I miss the sleep I get with the hammock! So thank you so much! It has definitely been my best baby purchase this time around."
- Anna

“We felt it a good omen when the hammock arrived, it was so beautiful and obviously made with great love and attention to detail.”
- Nancy Goodstein

"I couldn't of survived without the hammock. Truly amazing."
- Anna Bryant

"Currently sleeping my second baby in the hammock as well as lending it to friends and family. Babies feel protected and supported in a way that a bassinet can't provide. Perfect for babies who don't like to be put down."
- Olivia Haig

"My baby girl is 12 weeks old and she loves her mornings napping in the hammock. It's great to be able to get her to sleep as she wasn't able to take proper daytime naps previously . She giggles when she gets in. Thanks so much, it is a beautiful as well as practical product."
- Janey Apple

"Absolute bliss since the day our hammock arrived. Our wee fellar LOVES it and we can't get enough of watching him snoozing it in. Hands down one of our most prized baby possessions. Beautiful product."
- Miriam Minnear

"We loved using a hammock with all our babies and got a Nature’s Sway of our own for our third, it’s the one thing our eldest has asked us to hang on to for her eventual children!"
- Fiona Norman

"My three week old hates sleeping on her back so we have spent the last three weeks on the couch! We had the idea that a hammock might work and last night was our first night - and she slept in there all night!! I couldn't recommend this enough, it has saved my sanity and given my baby a safe and peaceful sleep! Thank you so much!"
- Caitlin Clark

"The hammock was a life saver, worth every cent, and I would recommend to anyone and everyone."
- Gemma Stacey-Harvey

"Our daughter is 7 weeks old and sleeps like a dream at night but likes to be held, worn and rocked during the day, so was eager to see if the hammock could do that for me!Generally we put her down sleepy and she tends to settle well in the hammock with a bit of light bouncing to keep the rocking movement of being in my arms going.She still startles and will wake herself up if she isn’t wrapped, I have found in the hammock this works to our advantage as it will lightly bounce her again.We use the door clamp attachment which makes it easier to move round the house and pop her in for day sleeps rather that moving her bassinet. Is easy to set up and comes with a carry bag, so would be compact and easy for a weekend away.She looks so comfy and cosy the way it pulls around her. We can get her down easier and use less effort compared to in her bassinet as the hammock does a bit of the settling for us- which is a total win in our eyes!"
- Emma 

"What an absolute game changer! Our 1st born is a week old & has spent majority of her time feeding or snoozing in the hammock. I love how easy it is to put them down in it & the swaying motion keeps her calm. It was very straight forward to install & we love that you can easily transfer it from the bedroom to the lounge during the day. We were impressed with how easy it is to pack down into a travel bag. Better yet this is an amazing kiwi company that makes high quality products for a reasonable price. Support local, you won’t regret it. We would highly recommend this product. We also have their wrap, which is super easy to use & great quality."
- Sarah 

"We have a 10-week-old baby girl who sleeps well at night however during the day she loves to be cuddled and carried and we struggle to get her down to sleep so were eager to see if she would feel safe and snug in the Nature’s Sway baby hammock. We loved the simple design of the hammock and the clean neutral coloured fabrics. We felt comfortable putting her in the hammock knowing that it was made from good quality natural and breathable materials (cotton & NZ wool) with no harmful synthetics. It arrived in a cardboard box with no wasteful plastic wrapping and has its own cotton carry bag.Included in the box was a steel door clamp which fits over a door frame and ceiling screws giving you two options to hang the hammock making it extremely easy to move around the house. The hammock came with an instruction manual and was fairly easy to put together. We have been using the hammock as a day bed in the lounge which saves us bringing our bassinet in and out of our room. It would be particularly good for families with limited space.The bouncing and swaying motion of the hammock is really soothing and allowed her to remain settled and peacefully drift off to sleep as it creates a similar sensation to being rocked in my arms. She seems to enjoy sleeping in the hammock for short periods however she doesn’t sleep any longer than she usually would in her bassinet once down. Compared to other beds she has slept in it is by far the most stylish and snug looking. I would definitely recommend the Nature’s Sway baby hammock for babies that prefer to be held and are difficult to settle off to sleep."
- Kerri 

"We love it, thank you! Total game changer"
- Sarah