baby hammocks

A smooth transition from womb to world.

A Nature's Sway baby hammock's natural contours keep your baby on their back and hold them in a snug embrace. That combined with some gentle movement provided by the spring, means our hammocks can mimic being held, which soothes and comforts your baby helping them drift off to sleep.
Your baby can be settled back to sleep in one of our hammocks easily too. As your baby stirs their movements or a light push from mum or dad can set the hammock into gentle motion again, often lulling your baby back to sleep again.
That feeling of comfort and security is vital for babies to feel connected to their physical and emotional roots, helping them to develop and sustain themselves throughout their lives.

And the science agrees.

Researchers at the RIKEN Brain Science Institute in Japan discovered that gentle repetitive movement like rocking, actually lowers the child’s heart rate, which helps them relax and fall asleep. Read more about the study here

Keep them close by.

If you set up a few suspension points in the right places or use a hammock stand or door clamp, you can have your baby nearby you all the time, even when they are napping. The hammock can be easily moved and packed away flat, which makes them great for travelling.