Baby Hammock Mattress stiffener

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Our mattress stiffeners are for heavier babies and not recommended for newborns.

These are used to firm up the hammock base. The baby hammock is designed to provide a gentle curve for your new born baby, however, as baby gets older they may require a stiffener underneath the mattress to make the hammock base firmer and more open. When used it must be used under our Nature's Sway natural wool mattress. 

Our mattress stiffeners are made from all natural materials. Constructed from coconut fibres compressed together with 100% natural latex, formed into a sturdy and flexible sheet and covered in 100% cotton.

Coconut husk has excellent moisture and air permeability properties which keeps the mattress stiffener internally dry.

Our coco fibre is not fumigated when entering the country because of its special but still natural production process.

Measures approximately 90 cm (35 inches) long x 28 cm (11 inches) wide.

Important Note: Not recommended for babies under 4kg, as they could roll on the flatter surface.